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Oregon BFW is part of a nationwide Christian citizens movement seeking justice for the world’s hungry people by lobbying our nation’s decision makers.

An effective response to hunger must combine private and public actions, neither can do the job alone. Christians have worked well in the private arena, Bread for the World provides a means where Christians can work equally well for effective public policies in the fight against hunger…

Email Your Representative now: BonamiciBlumenauerSchraderWydenMerkley, DeFazioWalden(Find your Rep)

Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Join the Oregon Bread Team, work with us to reduce the scourge of hunger from our country and our world ( Email )

Review the Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon Legislative Agenda for Salem.

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Bread Enews 2014-06

Bread Wins Important Nutrition Victories
The U.S. government has been making significant progress on the nutrition front in the fight against hunger in the last few months. Bread has been involved in these positive developments. Read more »
Building Bipartisan Momentum for Food Aid
Food-aid reform, the focus of Bread’s 2014 Offering of Letters, scored a victory on May 22 in the Senate Appropriations Committee agriculture bill markup. Read more »
Policy Focus: Congress Kicks Around Many Funding Options
It is a busy season for considering the many funding options for federal programs and other hunger-related matters, including international food aid. Read more »
On Faith: The Cost of Living Sumptuously Every Day
Are we truly prepared to pay the cost of living sumptuously every day while one in every eight people on Earth goes to bed hungry each and every night? Read more »
The More Things Change …
Bread is marking its 40th anniversary in 2014. One of our staff members found a newsletter from December 1981. Read more »

Field Focus: Reforming U.S. Food Aid

Since the beginning of Food for Peace, developments in food science and nutrition have taught us a lot about the effectiveness of food-aid commodities.

Read More »

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Senate Passes Unemployment Insurance. Now Push the House!

Thank you! After a series of attempts and votes, the Senate finally passed a bipartisan bill to reinstate and extend emergency unemployment benefits. Together, Bread members generated 1,045 calls and 24,600 emails to the Senate.

Your advocacy made the difference, including the extraordinary efforts by over 100 religious leaders in Illinois who wrote to Sen. Kirk about their concern for those left without unemployment aid. Thanks to these efforts, Sen. Kirk voted yes on final passage of the bill.

How did your senators vote? Find out here. If your senators voted yes, please call (800-826-3688) and thank them! If your senators voted no, share your disappointment.

With victory in the Senate, the fight moves to the House. Your voice is instrumental in pushing this bill into law. As Roll Call reported, there may not be enough House “members who are feeling significant electoral pressure in their districts” to extend unemployment insurance. One U.S. representative said that extending emergency unemployment assistance “will encourage unemployment.” Prove this thinking wrong!

Please call (800-826-3688) or email Rep. Suzanne Bonamici and Sen. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden and urge a vote to extend unemployment insurance.

More than 2 million people have been cut off long-term unemployment assistance. Unemployed workers shouldn’t have to wait another day for this vital aid that enables them to continue searching for a job and put food on the table.

Please take just a minute to follow up with your senators on their votes — accountability is critical! Then make one call or send an email to Rep. Suzanne Bonamici and Sen. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden and press for a vote to extend emergency unemployment insurance.

As we saw in the Senate this week, your calls, emails, and prayers make a real difference.

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Bread Enews 2014-03

The Federal Budget Mill Now that President Barack Obama has submitted his proposed FY 2015 budget, it is worth reviewing the annual budget process – and why it is such a crucial part of Bread’s advocacy work. This article has two web-only bonuses not included in the print edition: a timeline of the budget process and a list of what’s in the “basket” of poverty-focused development assistance (PFDA). Read more »
Member Profile: In the Beginning As Bread for the World begins its 40th anniversary year, Rev. Arthur Simon, Bread’s founder, reflects on how the organization started. Read more »
Advocacy in Action: Gathered and Sent “We are facing a goal worthy of our generation … It is the defeat of humanity’s oldest enemies: poverty, hunger.” Read more »
Policy Focus: Two Steps Forward This year’s Offering of Letters campaign brings Bread members on a journey of urging Congress to make reforms to our federal government’s programs that provide food aid overseas. Read more »
Field Focus: Farmers Feed Refugees in Rwanda By purchasing food locally, USAID and WFP are able to save considerable time and money. Read more »

Act Now!

Contact your members of Congress, and tell them you support robust funding for poverty-focused development assistance programs in all upcoming budget and appropriations negotiations.

Read More »

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Bread Enews 2014-02

Bread in 2014, Sliced and Quartered As we set out on another year of advocacy, here is an overview of what you, our members, can expect in our work together. It will be a busy year of several campaigns and issue themes—some familiar, some new—running at various times and sometimes simultaneously. Read more »
Getting Your Congregation Involved in an Offering of Letters We are often asked, “How do I get started with the Offering of Letters?” Organizing a letter-writing event to urge our leaders to help hungry people around the world is easier than many think. Read more »
A Gem Worth More Than $800 Million Despite gradual cuts to the overall international affairs budget in the last three years, poverty-focused development assistance (PFDA) accounts grew in FY 2014 by more than $800 million. Read more »
State of the Union: Words Not There, but Speech Hit Right Topics President Obama reiterated his focus on strengthening the economic safety net and developing strategic community partnerships both domestically and abroad. Read more »
Establishing a Moral Government We must push our leaders to play a significant role in stemming hunger, poverty, and disease at home and abroad. Bread uses its influence to call for policies that are characteristic of a moral government. Read more »
The State of Poverty 50 Years Ago and Now

This year marks a half century since President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the War on Poverty. Bread for the World welcomes a new bipartisan debate about how to reduce poverty in the United States.

Read More »

Also in this issue:
SNAP: It’s a Mixed Bag
Bread Slices: 2014 Offering of Letters, Bread for the World’s 40th Anniversary Dinner, the Hunger-Free Communities Summit, and more!
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Farm bill to cut Food Stamps, please urge your reps and senators to vote against it!

Oregon Food Bank is extremely disappointed that the congressional farm bill committee has approved a bill that includes a draconian cut of $8.6 billion to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
Oregon Food Bank opposes this bill because of the inclusion of this deep cut to food benefits that will lead to increased hunger in our state. In fact, Oregon would be disproportionately impacted because it is one of just 15 states that utilize the USDA option this bill restricts. If the conference bill is approved, Congress would cut benefits for 78,000 Oregon households, each of which would lose an average of $58 a month. That’s more than 22 meals – enough for a family member to eat for a week.
Beyond the immediate impact on families that struggle to purchase enough food, this cut would cause Oregon to lose $54.3 million in SNAP benefits per year. This is money that is spent in grocery stores and farmers’ markets across the state and helps support local businesses.
The farm bill proposal comes on the heels of an $11-billion cut in SNAP benefits last November that reduced benefits for all participating households.
The bill now goes to both chambers of the U.S. Congress – the Senate and House of Representatives – for full votes.
Please voice your support for Oregon families experiencing hunger. Email your Senators and House member to tell them to oppose the farm bill with its $8.6-billion SNAP cut.


Nate Reaver Advocacy & Community Engagement Coordinator Oregon Food Bank

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Bread Enews 2014-01

Reforming U.S. Food Aid The devastation wrought by major international disasters in recent years, such as last year’s typhoon in the Philippines, 2010’s massive earthquake in Haiti, and the ongoing crisis in Syria, shows how valuable U.S. food aid is in addressing humanitarian emergencies around the world. These crises also show that, despite the successes of U.S. food aid, reforms are needed to the programs that provide it. Reforming U.S. food aid is the focus of Bread for the World’s 2014 Offering of Letters. Read more »
Act Now! Congress left town without extending unemployment insurance, abruptly cutting off 1.3 million unemployed workers from benefits just days after Christmas. Read more »
Praying for Change and Being Changed Hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world prayed for an end to hunger on Dec. 10 as part of an international “wave of prayer.” Read more »
A Full Hunger Agenda for 2014 Last year ended with a mixed-bag list of accomplishments for Congress regarding hunger- and poverty-related legislation. Read more »
Creating Champions for a Cause Sam Daley-Harris’ Reclaiming Our Democracy challenges organizations to provide a deeper level of empowerment to their members. Read more »

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Bread Enews 2013-12

Praying into 2014 I invite you to join Bread for the World and our partners in the Circle of Protection in supporting Caritas Internationalis’ new campaign to end hunger, which is endorsed by Pope Francis. They are calling for people to pray at noon on Dec. 10 in each time zone, starting in Samoa and proceeding west in a “wave of prayer” as the day goes on. Read more »
Act Now! At this very moment, leaders in Congress are finalizing a deal on the farm bill. At this critical moment, Congress needs to hear from you. Read more »
Bread with Your Coffee, Senator? This is a story of how Bread for the World advocacy methods work. Our story includes a senator, a barista, and a wealthy fundraiser; but this isn’t a tale of inside-the-Beltway intrigue. Read more »
On Faith: Listening with Heart When I read the story of Jesus’ birth recently, what stood out was not the journey to Bethlehem or the birth of Jesus in such humble conditions, but rather Mary’s response to who Jesus is. Read more »
Policy Focus: Limited Time Left Congress has only a few days left to finish the farm bill and reach a budget agreement that addresses some of the sequester. Read more »
Welcoming New Board Members and Officers Bread for the World members recently elected new members of its board of directors, joining 25 returning board members. Read more »

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